Collection: Bullfrog Brewery


They are dedicated to artfully and lovingly crafting the finest ales, lagers, and specialty beers imaginable... blending old-world craftsmanship with a distinctly modern palette of flavors and ingredients, and at every opportunity endeavor to make use of local hops, berries, herbs, fruits, frogs (kidding!), or locally roasted, estate-grown coffees from their great friends at Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Company of downtown Williamsport.

Over the years, they have brewed and served up almost every style of beer catalogued, and even a few that aren't (well over 390 and counting). They have always had a penchant for showcasing 'Belgish' (Belgian-style) ales that, in their humble opinion, offer the drinker the most exciting and adventurous taste experience the world of beer has to offer. They are perhaps best known around the planet for their so-called 'sour beers' (as oft referred to) ... Belgian, Flemish/Flanders-style or Gueuze-inspired, barrel-aged (some tank-aged) American wild ales such as Le Roar Grrrz, Rood Bruin, Old Gold, or Jong Bruin ... as well as their tantalizingly tart, fruited farmhouse wheats or our quenching, tastebud-tickling, and champagne-esque Funny Farmhouse fermented cider.

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