Collection: CERIA Brewing Company

Arvada, Colorado

At CERIA, our life's passion is beer, and it is our mission to give our customers the freedom to discover and experience great tasting beer the way you want to - sometimes in extraordinary ways you might never have even imagined.

We offer two lines of beer:

1. Zero alcohol beers - for sale throughout the US.

2. Non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beers - for sale in recreational dispensaries throughout Colorado.

As Colorado's first dedicated non-alcoholic craft brewery, CERIA has quite the history to back up the beers. After renowned brewmaster and beer judge Keith Villa retired from a successful career at a large brewery, he and his wife, Jodi, decided to start their own brewery, but with a unique twist. Keith asked himself: what if we could drink beer and get a buzz from cannabis instead of alcohol? CERIA's cannabis-infused beers hit shelves in Colorado dispensaries late 2018. Once customers tasted these extraordinary, non-alcoholic beers, they requested versions without the alcohol or the cannabis. In January 2020, CERIA released a line of zero alcohol (non-infused) beers across the United States. No matter why one chooses not to drink alcohol, now you can always enjoy a great tasting beer.