Collection: Flagship Brewing Company

Staten Island, New York

Staten Island, N.Y. stands in the shadows of the big buildings and skyscrapers of Manhattan. Known to many as the “Forgotten Borough”, Staten Island has always had its own distinct culture that has made the borough unique in NYC. In 2013, a team of native Staten Islanders felt that their hometown was lacking something that could bring the diverse people of Staten Island together.

In May of 2014 The Flagship Brewing Company was born in the Tompkinsville section of the Island, where it still stands today. Matt and Jay, the company’s Co-founders, grew up together as next door neighbors. Driven by a mutual love for craft beer, they set out to build a brewery that was based on quality, creativity and local collaboration. Flagship Brewery now sells its beer throughout NYC and is always brewing up something special in collaboration with other local businesses. Flagship Brewery is, and will continue to be, the true taste of creativity in Staten Island, NYC and beyond.