Collection: Gs Hard Ginger Beer

Saint Helena, California

Born from a love for dry-farming, foraging & fermenting

Meet Donna, our Aussie founder and brewer who moved to California in 2013. Donna followed her heart to Napa Valley to connect more with the land and began organically dry-farming a small block of grapevines with her own two hands and making restrained style wines inspired by mid-century principles.

Named after her father who introduced her to the wonders of wine, Jack’s Vineyard holds a very special place in Donna’s heart and life, and she firmly believes that it is a gift to care for, nurture and give back to the land.

Donna started fermenting ginger for her own gut-health, using various fruits, flowers, citrus, spices and botanicals that she foraged and that grew locally. She quickly came to realize she was crafting beverages she couldn’t buy – ones that had no added sugar or sweeteners and made with only real agricultural ingredients. Then the Aussie in her was like, “Why isn’t there any moderate alcohol in these tasty and clean beverages!?”

With ginger having proven wellness benefits and people seeking transparency and cleaner alcohol options to support their active and healthier lifestyles, Donna saw a problem, found the solution, rolled up her sleeves and made it her mission to get these unique, refreshingly tasty, absurdly aromatic and memorable dry hard ginger beers to market.