Collection: Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Poughkeepsie, NY

At Plan Bee Farm Brewery their mission is to brew 100% New York State ingredient beer. They source all their ingredients from the state of New York with many grown on site. Their beers go from ground to glass within measurable feet of their origins. Their goal is to work with local businesses to produce a delicious product for the community they serve.

At Plan Bee Farm Brewery, their beers are created by the limitation of local resources. From the yeast they cultivate from their honey comb, to the grain and hops in their fields, if it isn’t in their community it doesn’t enter their beer.

Today, brewers talk about ‘local’ craft beer while sourcing ingredients from around the world. At Plan Bee Farm Brewery, they define ‘local’ as that which grows in New York State, if not on their farm. Over the course of the next few years they are working tirelessly to reduce the radius of their sourced ingredients. The goal is to be able to say, “I planted & processed everything in this beer personally.”

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