Collection: TALEA Beer Co.

Williamsburg, NY

Both avid homebrewers with MBAs, LeAnn and Tara met after leaving their jobs in tech and media to join the beer industry.
Working together on a daily basis, their passions quickly aligned and they realized a shared vision: to expand the craft consumer base beyond the typical craft beer drinkers.
For years, they were browsing the beer aisle on a regular basis and saw that despite the fact that more women were drinking beer, nothing on the shelves resonated with them. Wine and hard seltzer companies were yelling loud and clear, but when choosing a beer, it was often packaged in intimidating cans that appealed primarily to craft beer nerds. To address this gap in the market, and encourage wine and cocktail connoisseurs to try craft beer, they created TALEA Beer Co.
Beyond their bright and intriguing packaging, TALEA brings an approachable, lifestyle-focused voice to beer. TALEA’s beers are “easy to love”: low bitterness, fruit flavor-forward and inspired by life’s everyday celebrations.